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L. B.
12/05/2022  08:00:02 AM
What a great way to start the day! Thanks for all the trouble you go through to keep a smile on all our faces. :)
Kaye B.
11/28/2015  08:09:11 AM
Thanks for good, clean humor which is so rare these days.
Brian M.
09/15/2015  10:47:58 AM
I really enjoy the FunMails you send. It gives me a minute or two to check them out at my convenience when I need a laugh! Keep them coming ...
Shari B.
08/27/2015  10:03:35 AM
Love today's FunMail messages regarding both "Problems" and "Success". You always have something for me in every issue. Thank you!
Cliff T.
08/03/2015  08:56:52 PM
Today's was one of your best. I normally get a couple chuckles, but I laughed at every one of your sections today. Thanks, and keep it up!
J N.
07/30/2015  03:10:10 PM
I was grateful for the info about 80% of cell phones. I'm already considering getting a different phone. Coolness!
kristin f.
07/30/2015  09:44:55 AM
A little brain exercise, a smile, and sometimes links to things we need to know. Thank you Sunny. <3
Dave W.
06/30/2015  06:53:13 PM
Enjoy the bits of wit and wisdom. Especially enjoy the fun facts! Keep 'em coming.
JoAnne K.
06/27/2015  10:10:13 PM
Puts a smile on my face every time I get this email. Thanks!
peggy o.
06/25/2015  11:29:13 AM
What a wonderful way to start the day. With a smile....
P C.
06/25/2015  11:24:10 AM
Thank you for the smiles, Sunny... They are quite entertaining and also teach me something every time! I look forward to the next mail every time I finish reading one.
Mary L.
06/25/2015  07:46:54 AM
Keep them coming!
Penny J.
06/23/2015  08:34:09 PM
I look forward to my email... I share with my family. I love the jokes!
Ellie S.
06/22/2015  10:01:57 AM
Enjoy your creativity. Keep it up; it's what keeps us young at heart. Looking forward to each FunMail....
Craig J.
06/21/2015  09:05:04 PM
WOW!!! I am glad that I sign up for this. Love the jokes and the words of wisdom. Very educational also. Will be looking for the next fun mail.
e j.
06/18/2015  11:46:12 AM
Actually, I look forward to getting these "smiles"! They are funny, and "ah-Ha" moments!! Love it...keep the smiles coming...
Larry B.
06/18/2015  09:59:27 AM
Thank you for lightening up my days with your smiles and words of wit. I look forward to each arrival, and they always leave me wanting more. There is a smile on my face as I write this.
Ellen R.
06/17/2015  09:31:43 AM
Love these. They make me not only smile, but laugh, as well! Thanks for all your doings!!!
Cliff T.
06/17/2015  07:45:21 AM
Crazy fun, quick read, love the cartoons and the motivational "one-liners". I don't know how you do it, but keep it up. These always make me smile!
Nancy M.
06/09/2015  06:53:50 PM
These fun mails are great. I look forward to getting them. They make me laugh at myself when I don't get the jokes. I learn something from every issue.

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