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At 101 Mobility, we sell, install, rent and service high quality mobility equipment to give you more accessibility at home and away.

At no charge, we will come to your home and help you determine what is best for YOU! No obligation!

   • Improve your independence and mobility at home with a quick stair lift or wheelchair ramp installation.

   • Take your wheelchair or scooter with you using one of our easy wheelchair lifts for your car.

   • Get exceptional service from our team of factory trained and certified installers.

   • No worries about maintenance or repair. Should you need it, we take care of that, too!

Our CAPS team can help you transition your home so you can be more active!

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At 101 Mobility, we sell, rent, service and install quality accessibility equipment to make your home so much more convenient. Stair Lifts. Personal Lifts. Wheelchair Racks fit to your car. Personal Elevators, Home Elevators, Platform Lifts and more!
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